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STARTS JULY 18th, 2020

Avatar Source Program

Lifetime of Wisdom & Access
Find your truth with a fully evolved, expressed human through the galactical, cosmic & divinic source

Realize who you are

Through this Avatar Consciousness awakening  many different pivotal roles of ascension and marking points will be created for your experience. This is evolutional and pivotal in the ascension of mankind/womankind and the human race.

You are an Avatar.  Awaken your Codes. Become your TRUE BEING, Gifts


Express Your Gifts

Start Here
Many of you if you have been using light language on your journey (If not thats fine you will learn here) in your reality and have been creating or expriencing through that.
But have you gifted yourself full expression with recieving the codes fully?
Probably not. And here is why: you do not know how to express them.
The Avatar is most limited and starting description is the PHYSICALIZE of light language into form ('reality').
This means you have an innate level of plasma dna already active within your being and waiting to be EXPRESSED.
We provide a safe environment where codes are taught, egnited, embodied, teached, show and EXPRESSED as well as the tools and setting to create that platform for you as you learn this way of being.
This is where you STAR - T

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As you start to embark in your journey through your realization of your AVATAR self, starts of changes will happen through your start codons or…
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Many of you may be familiar with the comin of new earth and find that with this great change there are great shifts. With somethings…
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Avatar Acceleration (5 year program condensed)

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$5,000 / year (save -67%)
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Avatar Training

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$899.99 / year (save 12%)
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Avatar Support

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Each of these two options you can recieve access to most of the courses for deeper study & access.


Avatar Support

This program is for people who are not sure of their divine human. They are unsure of what they have to offer, their true gifts & capabilities. New to the journey & awakening.

You will recieve:
introduction to terminology
introductions to activations
learning to encode
setting communion

Remember, you are the ANSWER


Avatar Training

This program is for people who have not spent that much time with light language or just recieve, unsure about their gifts & seen increase of their perception.

You will recieve:
introduction to light technology
whole course backbone

investigative growth support
reprogramming techniques

Your part is to RUN WITH THIS


Avatar Advance

This program is for people who have experience with light language, cultivated their divine genome & looking for place to practise unfold the codes more.

You will recieve:
codon expression
human integration
soul light development
source reconnection light

& this is ONLY the START


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